What is QR Code

QR (Quick Response) Code

QR code, which stands for Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional bar code. In this sense it is similar to the traditional barcodes we see on products, except that it can store a lot more information per unit of area. Any smartphone can read a QR code through the camera lens with a QR code reader app, once a QR code is scanned, you’re led to a Web page or media content designed exclusively for mobile users, the media content could be text, images, contact details or even videos.

petq pet tag qr code

QR Codes are contributing to making a variety of our activities both at home and at work convenient. It can be used in our daily life such as printed fliers, name cards and even payment systems. It can also be used for business purposes at factories and in logistics operations. QR Codes now become an indispensable tools in our lives.

QR code is used everywhere

QR codes are all the rage right now, they appear on business cards, soda cans, brochures, billboards and even your TV. Big brands like Starbucks, Best Buy and Pepsi are using QR codes to connect with tech-savvy customers and build brand loyalty. For small business owners, QR codes may be a great opportunity to supplement other marketing efforts and continue building a relationship with customers but in a new way. If a store sells housewares, for example, the company might be able to further engage a shopper by providing tips, coupons or related video content available only through QR codes placed on or around products. For a restaurant, a flyer or take-out menu can provide a QR code that takes customers to the local newspaper’s review of the place.

petq pet tag qr code usage

How PetQ utilizes QR code

PetQ ID tag is a QR Code engraved smart pet ID tag. Smartphones such as iPhone, Android phones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony feature a standard QR reader app that allows your pet's rescuer to easily scan your pet's PetQ ID tag and get instant access to your contact information without taking your pet to a vet or shelter.

Your pet's profile page includes pet's name, pictures, medical conditions and your contact details such as multiple phone numbers, alternative contacts etc. so the rescuer can instantly learn that if your pet is in a medical condition or needs special care and also can directly contact you.

petq pet tag example

In the unlikely event the individual who finds your pet doesn't own a Smartphone, our tags also have your pet's unique online profile address engraved that will lead them to your pet’s personal profile page, plus, you can also have your contact number engraved on the back of our tag in the typical way.

How to use QR code

It's really easy and simple to scan a QR code, Once you have your qr code reader app installed in your smartphone, simply open that app and scan on the qr code or PetQ QR Code pet tag, the information will instantly pull up. In the cases you don't have QR code reader installed in your smartphone, please see the following recommended apps.

QR code reader apps

we recommend the following qr code reader apps as they are accurate, easy to use and free. Most qr code reader apps no matter which platforms should read PetQ QR Code pet tags with no problem.